Introducing Jose Campos

We can all agree that there are too many scientific publications pushed out by journals every month. How is a clinical surgeon supposed to keep up with the constantly increasing volume of literature? Jose and his team in Chile have created a way to find impactful journal articles on pediatric surgery and narrow a monthly list down to a top 10. Rod and Todd had some questions . . .

Chilean Society of Pediatric Surgery (SChCP)

Dr. Tyare Fuentes, Dr. Bárbara Rivera, Dr. Carola San Martín, Dr. Camila Bastías, Dr. Albert Pasten, Dr. Alberto Torres, Dr. Josefina Sáez, Dr. Paula Aylwin, Dr. Mónica Ferrero, Dr. María Santos, Dr. Karen Morales, Dr. M. Consuelo Puentes, Dr. José M. Campos, Dr. Angela Cristino, Dr. Camila Pincheira, Dr. Hugo Urrutia, Dr. Javier González, Dr. Constanza Gallardo, Dr. Javiera Guiñez, Dr. Kate Ellsworth, Dr. Natalia de la Cruz, Dr. Andres Martinez, Dr. Catalina Arredondo