Journal Club: Appendicitis in 2021

We all know how commonly pediatric surgeons see patients with appendicitis and how frequently new literature is published on its management. Dr. Jose Campos helped us find some of the latest publications on appendicitis management and we discussed a few of the articles featured in this podcast.

Hosts: Rodrigo Gerardo & Ellen Encisco

Featured articles plus more:
RIFT study group. Appendicitis risk prediction models in children presenting with right iliac fossa pain (RIFT study): a prospective, multicentre validation study. April 2020.

Unsdorfer KML, An JY, Binkovitz, LA. Pediatric appendiceal ultrasoun: maintaining accuracy, increasing determinacy and improving clinical outcomes following the introduction of a standardized reporting template. September 2020.

Patkova B, Svenningsson A, et al. Nonoperative Treatment Versus Appendectomy for Acute Nonperforated Appendicitis in Children. June 2020.

Kashtan MA, Graham DA, et al. Ceftriaxone Combined With Metronidazole is Superior to Cefoxitin Alone in the Management of Uncomplicated Appendicitis in Children. March 2020.

Cameron DB, Anandalwar SP, et al. Development and Implications of an Evidence-based and Public Health-relevant Definition of Complicated Appendicitis in Children. May 2020.

Mennie N, Panabokke G, et al. Are Postoperative Intravenous Antibiotics Indicated After Laparoscopic Appendectomy for Simple Appendicitis? A Prospective Double-blinded Randomized Controlled Trial. August 2020.

Farr BJ, Ranstrom L, Mooney DP. Eliminating Opiate Prescribing for Children after Non-Perforated Appendectomy. June 2020.

Van Amstel P, Sluckin TC, et al. Management of appendiceal mass and abscess in children; early appendectomy or initial non-operative treatment? A systematic review and meta-analysis. July 2020.

St. Peter SD, Adibe OO, et al. Irrigation Versus Suction Alone During Laparoscopic Appendectomy for Perforated Appendicitis: A Prospective Randomized Trial. October 2012.

Lee J, Garvey EM, et al. IMPPACT (Intravenous Monotherapy for Postoperative Perforated Appendicitis in Children Trial): Randomized Clinical Trial of Monotherapy Versus Multi-drug Antibiotic Therapy. September 2021.

Anandalwar SP, Graham DA, et al. Influence of Oral Antibiotics Following Discharge on Organ Space Infections in Children with Complicated Appendicitis. April 2021.

Gurien LA, Smith SD, et al. Suspected appendicitis pathway continues to lower CT rates in children two years after implementation. October 2019.

Jennings R, Guo H, et al. Cost-effectiveness of Imaging Protocols for Suspected Appendicitis. February 2020.

Podda M, Gerardi C, et al. Antibiotic Treatment and Appendectomy for Uncomplicated Acute Appendicitis in Adults and Children: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. December 2019.

Minneci PC, Hade EM, et al. Association of Nonoperative Management Using Antibiotic Therapy vs Laparoscopic Appendectomy With Treatment Success and Disability Days in Children With Uncomplicated Appendicitis. July 2020.

Hall NJ, Eaton S, et al. CONservative TReatment of Appendicitis in Children: a randomised controlled feasibility Trial (CONTRACT). July 2021.

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Anderson KT, Putnam LR, et al. Povidone-iodine Irrigation for Pediatric Perforated Appendicitis May Be Protective. May 2020.