Journal of Pediatric Surgery Article Review: November 2021

We’re back with the November issue of JPS article highlights. This time we’re talking to Dr. Pablo Laje and authors Dr. Frederick Rescorla and Dr. Niloufar Hafezi.

Hosts: Ellen Encisco & Rod Gerardo

Articles: Rubalcava NS, Overman RE, Hirschl RB, Thirumoorthi AS. Central Line Placement at ECMO Decannulation: A Missed Opportunity. Journal of Pediatric Surgery. Hafezi N, Carpenter KL, Colgate CL, et al.

Partial splenectomy in children: Long-term reoperative outcomes☆. Journal of Pediatric Surgery. 2021 Jan 8. Elhattab A, Elsaied A, Wafa T, et al.

Thoracoscopic surgery for congenital lung malformations: Does previous infection really matter?. Journal of Pediatric Surgery. 2021 Jan 27.